All Inclusive Admission Prizes for Individual Entries
All of the listed objects Admission for each object paid separately
180 Kč | 100 Kč Full Reduced Familial
Bastion No. I and underground corridors x 90 Kč 50 Kč 200 Kč
First Frost‘s Military-Historical Museum x 60 Kč 40 Kč 170 Kč
Waldemar Matuška Museum x
Bastion No. IX x 50 Kč 30 Kč 130 Kč
Traxler’s Granary x
Ravelin No. XIV x
Supply Directorate Museum x 30 Kč 15 Kč
Ticket Time Limitations Unlimited** Purchase date only
180 Kč | 100 Kč 230 Kč 135 Kč
Entry conditions of Reduced Admission Fees Children up to 15 Years
Students – must submit ID Card or another appropriate document
Seniors – over 65 years
Disabled – must submit ID Card or another appropriate document
Entry conditions of Family Admission Fees Maximum 2 Adults & Maximum 2 Children up to 15 Years
Time Limitations ** Unlimited

Important notes for visitors

The underground temperature

The visitors often ask us, what is the underground temperature like? We draw attentions the underground temperature is about 10°C (50°F) constantly. Therefore, we recommend to pack one extra layer of clothing at least before entering.

Entry with dog

We love animals. We understand you do not want to leave your pets alone. On the other hand, please, consider another visitors and tourist resort crew. That is why, only dogs small enough to be carried in bags or hands are allowed to the tour. Thank you for your understanding.

Confined Spaces

The claustrophobia is such an unpleasant thing. Allegedly, the five percent of the people experience it. Therefore, please consider if visiting the confined spaces is suitable for you. Ceiling height reaches up to three meters (ten feet), but smaller stretches are even 175 centimeters (six feet) high. In the same time it’s encouraging to hear from the smiling visitors returning from tour: “So we made it.”

Cyclist and bikers

Cyclist – never missed. The Labe Bicycle Path is leading around the fortress town (part Kuks – Hradec Králové).
The bicycle racks are available. We are preparing a bike storage to be used in near future.
Bikers can leave their machines in Bastion No. I courtyard and set the helmets and luggage aside in the ticket office.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair users are welcomed too. The tour through the surface part of the resort (lapidary, casemates and courtyard) is possible. The additional notes can be obtained at the ticket office personnel, who lends the key to the wheelchair as well.