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Fortresses are unique monuments, although they are not just interesting structures. They also have many technical particularities, their own mysterious places and a rich history.

Fortress Josefov is not an exception. And so even today we can admire massive fortifications with extensive underground corridors, surrounded by fosses.Fortress Josefov was founded in 1780 by Emperor Joseph II. It was designed by a French engineer Claude Benoit Chevalier de St. Luis Duhamel de Querlonde. At the beginning he led the construction of the fortress. It was finished in 1787 and ready to fulfill its function.

 Main purpose of the Fortress was to protect the northern border of the Austrian Empire against the Kingdom of Prussia. It was actually a huge armoury, storehouse of gunpowder and food supplies and last but not least the fort offered safe accomodation for soldiers and civilians too. Because the army of the Prussian Kingdom didn’t arrive to Bohemia until 1866, the Fortress never became besieged, but served its purpose.

If you want to find out how was the tough life of the soldiers in the fortress, have an adventurous walk through the underground corridors. You are more than welcome here too if you just want to feel the atmosphere of fortified city. Our guides will look after you to make sure you will enjoy the visit and leave with nothing, but good impressions.

Plán pevnosti Josefov, 1781

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